Community Water Filters = $120 AUD

30 extra large water filters have so far been funded by the supporters of The Amasiko Partnership. These community filters have been gifted to the local schools in the area, (both Junior and Senior Schools), the local Health/Medical Centres and to each church in the district.

Some women of the Amasiko Women’s Group have been trained to educate the community groups how to effectively use their filters.
The teachers are SO happy to finally be able to have access to disease free water without the cost of having to buy bottled water.

The children are also very happy. They are amazed at the filtration process.

For them it is so easy. Filthy water goes in the top, two hours later, clean “white” water comes out.

Not only are the children encouraged to drink the filtered water at school, they are also encouraged to carry filtered water home with them if they do not have a family water filter in their home yet.

Pam Wood