Rotary Connects the World

Over the last 12 months, I have created strong connections with various groups within Rotary.

My first contact was with the Rotaract Club of Diamond Valley. A Rotaract Club has members that are aged from 18 - 30 years old.

On my first contact with this club, they were so moved that they donated 14 Family Water Filters and an XL Community Filter. Since then, this club have been a major supporter of Amasiko, and earlier this year, they hosted a fundraising event of PreLoved Women’s Clothing that raised close to $2000. This club has also donated the funds from a raffle held recently, promoted us, and have committed to supporting us at least the next 12 months.

The Rotary Club of Bundoora have also been a great support. Not only in Nov 2018, did they donate money that was crucial to rendering of the exterior of Amasiko House, but they enabled the plumbing infrastructure to be put in place that will be vital for the completion of Amasiko House eventually.

Recently this Rotary Club not only promoted Amasiko at an event, they also donated the total of a raffle that was held , and have indicated that they will support Amasiko into the year 2019/2020.

The Rotary Club of Diamond Creek not only donated money to Amasiko, but some of their members were instrumental in a two page report about Amasiko, appearing in their InSpire Quarterly Newsletter that goes to all of the Clubs of District 9790. Hopefully this will interest more clubs to find out about us. This Club have also indicated their interest in Amasiko in the year ahead.

Another Rotaract Club, Melbourne Inner City, has also been supporting Amasiko. They organised a sewing bee, and over the course of a day, over 20 sets of Amasiko Bags were made. They also have another sewing bee that they hope is bigger and better for October.

One exciting prospective event involves the Rotary Club that is in the city closest to Kasenda. This is the Rotary Club of Fort Portal. After I recently contacted them, they have expressed their interest in finding out more about Amasiko and potentially they will be the link we need in Uganda. Hopefully when some of our Amasiko Partners from Australia that will be visiting Kasenda in August, will be able to present to this Rotary Club and create a connection between Uganda and Australia.

Pam Wood